Anne St. Mauro

SoE Alumni

Director of Project Management, SNA Displays

Civil Engineering

The AIS program granted me the opportunity over the summer to meet and interview a Rutgers School
of Engineering alumna who graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and went on to
work in construction management. Anne St. Mauro currently works as the Director of Project
Management at a private firm. Through our conversation I was able to tap into her decades of
experience and learn more about the industry. Starting as a project intern and transitioning into the role
of a project manager and then to director of project management, I learned of the problems and the
decisions that must be made at each level and the responsibilities of each role. Anne explained the uses
and benefits of certificates and licenses that engineers can get in the industry as well as the benefits that
a post-graduate degree gives to those that work in the construction management field to produce a
finished product that meets the quality, budget, and scheduling specifications of clients.
Although, by far the most interesting takeaway from the interview was learning about lean construction.
This is a method of construction that has become very popular in California as it was used to build
various medical facilities in the state and is slowly being picked up in other parts of the country. Lean
construction is based around the idea of reducing waste and improving efficiency in projects by
improving collaboration and communication between the clients, designers, and contractors. I learned a
lot from just one informational interview, and I cannot wait to see what else I will learn as I remain a
part of AIS.

Writen by Santier Paulino, CivE '22

Summer 2020