Become an Ambassador!

Let your story shape the future community of Rutgers Engineering

Application Process

Acceptance to the position depends on many different factors, like enthusiasm towards the School of Engineering, willingness to aid others and ability to talk about the school. Each applicant will be considered on an individual basis. Applications open in March, interviews occur in April, and the transition meeting happens in May. The first fall training is in September.

Engineering Ambassador applications will open in March. Interviews will begin in mid/late April. APPLY TODAY >>

For more information about becoming an Engineering Ambassador, please email

Ambassador Responsibilities

General Responsibilities

  • Share your engineering experiences with current and incoming students
  • Attend two leadership development and team building seminars every semester
  • Learn up to date information about the School of Engineering 
  • Serve as department liaisons
    • Act as a connection between the ambassador program and the engineering departments
    • Guide the departments on how to showcase their undergraduate programs
  • Contribute to the improvement and growth of the ambassador program 
  • Analyze other institutions' events to improve our own
  • Responsible for generating content that we promote on our engineering pages

Event Coordination

  • Promote events for prospective, admitted, and current students that can reach upwards of 2,000 attendees
  • Oversee and execute event planning and logistics 
  • Some major events ambassadors help with are:
    • Open House
    • Admitted Women in Engineering Day
    • First-Year Kickoff
    • Engineering Students Transfer Advising & Registration Days
    • Rutgers Day
    • National Engineers Week 

School of Engineering Events

  • When campus reopens, ambassadors will lead campus and departmental tours
  • Connect with high schools and conduct virtual outreach events
  • Convey the RU engineering student experience with various types of visitors, while administering department and campus tours
  • Share your knowledge with 200 possible students during engineering student panels 
  • Network and respond to questions about the School of Engineering to future generations of students and their families 

Senior Ambassadors

Senior Ambassadors serve as the Thought Leadership Team of the ambassador program. The opportunity to become a senior ambassador will be offered to returning ambassadors who have excelled in their role during their time in the program. collage (1).jpg

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Be a resource for other ambassadors - a source of advice, feedback, information, and direction
  • Determine the trajectory of the ambassador program to maintain the mission and vision
  • Analyze the ambassador program to discover strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and benchmark across exisiting programs
  • Participate in additional training sessions that are oriented towards leadership and development
  • Engage in strategic planning for the ambassador program
  • Present strategic updates to key stakeholders across the school and university