Student Ambassador Program


The Student Ambassador Program within the School of Engineering (SoE) is an opportunity for students who are dedicated to serving and representing Rutgers University. Our Student Ambassadors provide campus tours, sit on student panels and participate in public engagement events. The Ambassadors serve as representatives for the school, sharing the School’s mission and vision, along with their personal experiences. They can be seen at various events like the SoE campus tours, community outreach events, Engineer’s Week and Rutgers Spring Open House.

Our Vision

To build and inspire a diverse community of future engineers that strives to exemplify the highest level of collaboration, intellectual curiosity, and social conscientiousness.

Our Mission

As advocates for the mission of the School of Engineering (SoE), we embody teamwork, diversity, integrity and service. By tapping into our experiences, we empower prospective students to find their niche within the Rutgers community, and by engaging in open dialogue between faculty and staff, we can develop and maintain transparency throughout SoE.

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You can learn more about the members of the Engineering Ambassador program and their involvement at Rutgers on our Meet the Ambassadors page or on our Instagram.


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My name is Hima and I am a junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I would like to share with you all the amazing story of how I ended up spending an entire summer in China, without spending any money from my own pocket. Let me start from the beginning. When I came to Rutgers as a freshman, I decided to have a random roommate and I was paired with an international student from China. Little did I know at the time that we would grow to become best friends. When it came time to decide how we would spend our summers, we both decided to apply to the Douglas STEM summer stipend program,...

This summer I had the opportunity to intern with a construction project management company 2,700 miles away from New Jersey in Richland, Washington. And I know what you're thinking... it must have been so GREEN with an abundance of tall trees. Well, that was the case if you went about 2 hours west towards the Cascade range. Those mountains were between Seattle and where I was, and they were blocking much of the moisture. So I was actually living in a very dry, desert like area. However, this internship was one of the best decisions of my life as it opened my eyes to so many new things....

Giving back to the community has always been a significant part of my life and I wanted to continue doing so in college. During my second year at Rutgers, I had the privilege of serving as the Community Service Chair for the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and even organized my own event to help make an impact on society. To me, being a student at Rutgers also means being a part of the larger New Brunswick community, so I targeted charities and organizations that served the local area. Around Halloween, I hosted a Care Package Community Service Event where attendees made fall-themed goody...