Student Ambassador Program


The Student Ambassador Program within the School of Engineering (SoE) is an opportunity for students who are dedicated to serving and representing Rutgers University. Our Student Ambassadors provide campus tours, sit on student panels and participate in public engagement events. The Ambassadors serve as representatives for the school, sharing the School’s mission and vision, along with their personal experiences. They can be seen at various events like the SoE campus tours, community outreach events, Engineer’s Week and Rutgers Spring Open House.

Our Vision

To build and inspire a diverse community of future engineers that strives to exemplify the highest level of collaboration, intellectual curiosity, and social conscientiousness.

Our Mission

As advocates for the mission of the School of Engineering (SoE), we embody teamwork, diversity, integrity and service. By tapping into our experiences, we empower prospective students to find their niche within the Rutgers community, and by engaging in open dialogue between faculty and staff, we can develop and maintain transparency throughout SoE.

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You can learn more about the members of the Engineering Ambassador program and their involvement at Rutgers on our Meet the Ambassadors page or on our Instagram.


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Being from a town only ten minutes away from Rutgers, Rutgers has always been a part of my life. After both my older siblings went to Rutgers and told me about their fulfilling experiences at the university, I knew I wanted to come to Rutgers. My sister who is eleven years older than me told me about the incredible research and internship opportunities she gained from the Douglass program at Rutgers. Douglass is a program that is specifically for women in college and it provides them with experiences to accelerate their careers. My brother who is six years older than me told me about all...

Senior Design. Hearing those two words either gets a student extremely excited or cold and filled with dread. For most students, it is the first time they work on a major hands-on group project that is entirely independent. For underclassmen, it is something to work towards and to think about as one goes through their undergraduate career. For the seniors who are actually participating in the projects, it is the culmination of their undergraduate academic careers. Depending on what major you are, your senior design project could span one semester or two. As a Mechanical Engineer, my senior...

One of the primary reasons I chose to attend Rutgers School of Engineering was because of its extensive research program. As a result, I decided to pursue research opportunities as early as my freshman year. I even used my research experience to guide my decision to declare my engineering major with hands-on knowledge and experience. I conducted research in two different engineering fields, namely Biomedical Engineering (BME) and Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE). Through the Douglass Project SUPER program, I spent a semester in the BME department creating nanoparticles for...