Alumni-Industry Scholars Program: Inspiring a Revolution

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The Rutgers Engineering Alumni-Industry Scholars Program is a competitive scholarship program galvanizing the School of Engineering community through academics, real-world internships, and lifelong mentoring. Launched in 2012 with a gift from an alumnus to sponsor full-tuition scholarships for 10 student scholars, two additional alumni quickly contributed to that initial gift for a total of $750,000 in private funding--enough to fund the first 20 scholars in this emerging program. More than a scholarship, at the core of the program is a commitment by students, alumni, and faculty members to advance the School of Engineering by building a community that models achievement and promotes success. 

"In Their Own Words" Videos

What better way to describe the scope and breadth of this program than through those so closely associated with it?

The Ripple Effect

“Bob Beardsley threw the rock in the water and the ripple effect is alumni giving back to SoE. It’s the start of a revolution of Rutgers helping Rutgers.”
David Ottenstein ENG’15
Alumni-Industry Scholar

Inspiring a Revolution

“[The Alumni-Industry Scholar Program] has been a journey that I’ll never forget… being part of this program and knowing that alumni are contributing to it…it’s very rewarding, but also humbling….”
Amulya Kattimani, ENG’15
Alumni-Industry Scholar

Internships and Mentoring

"Internships are really key to making our students competitive when they graduate."
Dean Tom Farris
Rutgers School of Engineering

Contagious Generosity

"It's almost like contagious generosity that Bob Beardsley started through the Alumni-Industry Scholar Program. Hopefully this one spark will enflame the whole School of Engineering's alumni to start giving back."
David Ottenstein ENG’15
Alumni-Industry Scholar
Beardsley video.pngFarris video.png
Bob Beardsley                                                         Tom Farris
The Ripple Effect                                                      The Ripple Effect                     
Inspiring a Revolution                                                Inspiring a Revolution
Interships and Mentors                                             Internships and Mentors
Contagious Generosity                                             Contagious Generosity                            
Katamani video.pngOttenstein video.png
Amulya Kattimani                                                      David Ottenstein
The Ripple Effect                                                       The Ripple Effect
Inspiring a Revolution                                                 Inspiring a Revolution
Internships and Mentors                                             Internships and Mentors
Contagious Generosity                                               Contagious Generosity

* Each and every matching gift will be used to provide scholarships for undergraduate students in conjunction with the Alumni-Industry Scholars program. Corporate matching gift programs can multiply the impact. Be sure to contact your company’s personnel/human resources office.

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