Alumni-Industry Scholars Program


More than a scholarship, the Alumni-Industry Scholar program is a unique award opportunity, envisioned and funded with the support of alumni, that gives Rutgers engineering students the opportunity of an enhanced education combining academics, professional networking, career coaching, and financial support.  The program is specifically designed to set the stage for professional and personal success and to instill commitment from scholars to continue the cycle by giving back to current SoE students.

Successful candidates receive: a $6000 scholarship from the School of Engineering ($3000 for each fall and spring terms) during their last two years of undergraduate study; an opportunity to conduct an informational interview with a successful alumnus; and invitations to alumni and industry events. The scholars will also collaborate to organize semester events where current students will benefit from learning more about the engineering industry. 

The Alumni-Industry Scholar award, available to School of Engineering juniors and seniors, recognizes students who have demonstrated academic proficiency by maintaining a greater than B average through the first two years, a passion for their profession, important character qualities including leadership, honesty, and integrity, and a desire to give back by helping other students. 

Awardees will receive the scholarship for their junior year, and renewal will be automatic for the senior year as long as the students actively participate in program activities and maintain the full-time status with a 3.0 or better cumulative GPA.

How to Apply

There are no available AIS awards for 2021-2022. To apply to other School of Engineering scholarships, please go to 


-Written by Brenda Noriega, AE '22

This summer, I had the opportunity of interviewing Bidushi Bhattacharya. She double majored in Mechanical Engineering and Physics at Rutgers. Upon graduation, she started off her career as a Calibration Engineer in the Johns Hopkins University Research Center. A few years later, she moved to California to work in the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory for multiple space missions. Driven by her passion for astronomy and planetary missions, Bidushi attended UCLA for her PhD. in Space Physics while working for JPL. Her career path was not only in the...

  -Written by Grace Herdelin, CBE '22

  On the morning of September 1, I started the fall semester off with a Zoom meeting with Greg Russotti. Dr. Russotti has both a B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a PhD in Biochemical Engineering from Rutgers University. In advance of our meeting, I did some research on Dr. Russotti background and saw that he was the Chief Technology Officer of Century Therapeutics, LLC, a company which had recently had a successful IPO and that conducted interesting research on cancer therapies, and...

-Written by Jacob Klonsky, ISE'22

For my AIS interview this summer, I had the privilege of interviewing Brian McNeill, Rutgers class of 1982. Brian majored in industrial engineering and later went to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School to get an MBA. Out of undergrad, he quickly advanced up the ranks of Ingersoll Rand, becoming one of the youngest executives in the company when he worked there. Transitioning to this success, Brian switched between a few executive roles before...