Transfer ʃntegration Program

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Our Transfer Integration Program Mentors for the 2019-2020 academic year.

The Transfer ʃntegration Program (TʃP) was launched during the summer of 2015.  This is a mentoring program that pairs new transfer students during their first semester at the School of Engineering with a mentor.   The program involves weekly meetings between mentors and their mentees, as well as monthly social events.  The mentors themselves are all successful transfer students, and were selected after a series of interviews.  Mentors attend a mandatory training session in August to prepare them for their role.

Fall 2022 activities

  • TIP Game Knight:  September 29th  
  • TIP Rutgers Football Game:  October 22nd   
  • TIP Fall Fest:  November 17th

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Spring 2023 Activities

  • Career Knight with Joe Scott of Career Services: TBA
  • TIP at the RAC for RU Men's Basketball:  TBA
  • Pot Luck Picnic/Beach Volleyball:  April, TBA, Sonny Werblin Recreation Center, Busch Campus

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Mentee Application Process

Students interested in being paired with a Transfer Mentor must fill out an on-line application here:
Mentees choose their top 3 mentors based upon the Mentor Bios.  

For more information contact Jasmine Bundy (

TIP Mentor Report Page

Weekly Reports here:

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