2010 Governor's School Of Engineering And Technology Research Journal

2010 Governor's School Of Engineering And Technology Research Journal

Developing an Android Application
Final Paper

Brian Belding, Matthew Haake, Ben Parisi, and Eric Simeonoglou

Advised by Christine Hung, Android programming consultant and start-up founder

An Analysis of Biodiesel's Potential as an Alternative Energy Source
Final Paper

Philip Chang, Nini Le, Judy Liu, and Johnathan Yao

Advised by Henrik Pedersen, Professor of Chemical Engineering (and Department Chairperson), Rutgers University

Extension-based Security Exploits in Firefox
Final Paper

Caleb J. Levine, Reid D. McKenzie, Matthew J. Mikolay, Tara C. Nealon, and Vincent N. Sparacio

Advised by Vinod Ganapathy, Professor of Computer Science, Rutgers University

BrushBot: Designing a Toothbrush Tester
Final Paper

Rahil Kheirkhah, Kelly Lin Kremer, Valentina Lyau, Claudia Salazar, and Dale Zhang

Advised by Douglas Hohlbein, Colgate-Palmolive, and Celeste Morrison, Colgate-Palmolive, Rutgers Biomedical Engineering student, and Governor's School RTA

Cost Effective Alternative to Control Lighting Systems Using DMX512
Final Paper

Daniel Carpenter, Kevin Edelson, William LaFosse, Kelly Lampayan, and Alok Saxena

Advised by Alex Weiner, Mark Sproul, and Fedja Buzancic

Water Purification in Thailand
Final Paper

Isabel Henderson, Cori Rose Schroer, Meghan Duggan, and Rebecca Jung

Advised by Matthew Mauro, Amber Cox, and Monal Agrawal

Revisiting the Concorde: A New Approach to Delta-Winged Flight
Final Paper

James Johnston, Gina Trivellini, Ryan Rodriguez, Nick Kirkby, and Chris Parraguirre

Advised by Amanda Gaetano and Adrien Perkins, student members of the Rutgers AIAA Club

Game Theory Applied to Crime in Irvington, NJ
Final Paper

Srinivasa Bhattaru, Kyle Doyle, Lisa Lee, Morisa Manzella, and Ante Qu

Advised by Melike Baykal-Gürsoy, Professor of Industrial Engineering, Rutgers University, and her graduate students

Using Carbonic Anhydrase and Silica Nanomaterials in Carbon Dioxide Mitigation

Final Paper

Bryan Cargill, Peter Godart, Nick Lavrov, Nick Phillips, and Natenapa Urica Simpkins

Advised by Teddy Asefa, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Rutgers University

Assessing Radiation Damage in Spent Fuel Pools
Final Paper

Greg Allan, David Forbes, and Dan McGann

Advised by Tom Roberts, PSEG Nuclear

Utilizing Porous Material for Oil Spill Cleanup
Final Paper

Jenny Cai, Yegor Chekmarev, Jessica Luo, and Chanelle Sears

Advised by Lisa Klein, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Rutgers University

Segregation of Particulate Mixtures
Final Paper

Jesse Debes, Brittany Fiedman, Grace Kim, and Kristina Vishnevetskaya

Advised by Matt Metzger, Anchal Jain, and Amber Cox

Finding the Optimal Temperature of Vinyl Window Frames at Silverline Windows
Final Paper

Joseph Constante, Eric Gallant, Luis Martinez, and LaJune McMillian

Advised by Rob Amariti, Director of Quality, Silver Line Building Products, and Allanah Miller, Industrial Engineering student at Rutgers and Governor's School RTA

Wiimote-iPhone Interface Applications for Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
Final Paper

Emily Fu, Rishi Narang, and Jeremy Puthumana

Advised by Bill Craelius, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Rutgers University, and Angel Irizarry, Governor's School RTA

Designing a Solar Tracker and Water Overflow System for a Solar Water Heater
Final Paper

Ana Carreira, Dayrene Martinez, Samir Rohira, Megan Wellons, and Kelly Zhang

Advised by Venkatesh Sathyanarayanan, Electrical Engineering grad student, Rutgers University

Analysis of the Ideal Conditions for the Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells
Final Paper

Rebecca Dorety, Yauheniya Filatava, Shiven Shah, James Ting, and Lynnli Wang

Advised by Devendra Verma, Postdoctoral Research, Rutgers University, and Noshir Langrana, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Department Chair, Rutgers University

End-User Programming for Home Automation
Final Paper

Matthew Continisio, Raheem Scott Griffith, Samuel Lichtenberg, Amanda Rumsey, and Emily Zhang

Advised by Blase Ur, Governor's School Program Coordinator and Lecturer, Rutgers University, and Michael Littman, Professor of Computer Science and Department Chair, Rutgers University

Using X-Ray Diffraction to Correlate Physical Appearance and Chemical Structure
Final Paper

Priya Duvvuri, Grace Ko, Noel Krommenhoek, Kristina Sanchez

Thomas Emge, Chief Crystallographic Engineer, Wright-Rieman Labs, Rutgers University

Passive Solar Architectural Design
Final Paper

Allison Outwater, Alice Kroutikova, Bianca Cornejo, Grace Kolb, and Catherine Shiau

Advised by Kristin Frank, Governor's School Head RTA and Architecture and Mathematics student at Virginia Tech