SoE Notes from the Summer

SoE students score competitive summer internships at leading corporate and research organizations.

Amanda Chin (Materials Science and Engineering)
Research and Development Intern
"I absolutely loved my summer. I was surrounded by incredible people in an outrageously creative environment.  I worked with a team of engineers to perform characterization tests on a variety of materials (specifically polymers) that help us generate sustainable solutions."
Zhenni Lin (Materials Science and Engineering)
Research Experiences for Undergraduates Internship
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"I was one of 12 students accepted into a research internship at MIT through the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program funded by the National Science Foundation. I synthesized and characterized solid-state MRI contrast agents that could potentially be used to measure pH changes inside the body at cancer tumor sites."
Alex Hobbs5.jpg
Alex Hobbs (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Research Assistant
Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA
"I worked on testing a solar sail deployment system for the upcoming NEA scout and lunar flashlight missions to be launched aboard NASA's new Space Launch System in 2018."
Kaustubh Deshpande (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Research Associate
Glenn Research Center, NASA
"I had a great summer working at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland where I was a research associate for the MARTI program (Multidisciplinary Aeronautics Research Team Initiative). I learned about electric machines, cryogenics, space the aeronautics industry."
Revan Sopher.jpg
Revan Sopher (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Software Engineer
Coursera, Inc.
"As part of KPCB’s Fellows Program, I spent my summer working as a software engineer on the infrastructure team at Coursera building and scaling systems that serve millions of users."
Anuja Sarwate (Biomedical Engineering)
Goldman Sachs
"My interests are biomedical engineering and software development. At Goldman this summer I had the opportunity to do both backend and frontend web development using Java and AngularJS."