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Pass/No-Credit online Webform


SOE Students can make an elective course that they are currently taking into Pass/Nocr.

Eligible courses: ELECTIVES like humanities/social science electives, general electives, science electives, technical electives, departmental electives. 

INeligible courses: REQUIRED COURSES like Expos (and prior),Micro Econ, Calc 1-4 (and prior), Physics 1a,1b,2a,2b, Chem 1&2, Statics, Matlab, Capstone design, courses required for the major, courses used as a sub for a req’d course, courses taken in a previous semester.

Pass/Nocr grading: A grade of C or better corresponds to a PASS (counts towards graduation, but not in the gpa). A grade of D or F corresponds to a NOCR (does not count towards graduation, fulfills no requirement, does not count in the gpa). The instructor will not know that the student has elected to take a class pass/nocr, and will submit the appropriate letter grade earned. The Registration system will make the appropriate conversion. 

Frequency: This may be used for no more than 2 courses in total. May only use 1 P/NC in a single semester.

Timeline: The last day to submit an application for P/NC is the end of the 12th week of the current semester. This is NOT reversible.

​What happens after submission? A staff member will review your request, will make necessary registration updates, and will contact you via email if there are any further questions. It may take 1-5 business days for you to see the registration updates on your record (which includes seeing a J prefix in front of the course).