Credit Load: Part-time or Overload

Credit Load - Maximum And Minimum

Rutgers University - School of Engineering, is a full time day program. Although students have the option to be part-time (by taking less than 12 credits), it is difficult to complete the degree program as a part-time students because most of our undergraduate classes are offered during the daytime. 

  • The maximum credit load is 21 credits. During early registration (ie. when you register in the spring for the fall), you are only allowed 19 credits. This limit will be extended to 21 credits once the semester begins. 
  • The minimum credit load is 12 credits. If there are extenuating circumstances which make it necessary for you to reduce your course load below 12, you are considered part-time. 
  • Part-time status may make you ineligible for services like: University Housing, Financial Aid, or coverage on your family health insurance. You can purchase inexpensive health insurance from the University:

For either part-time or overload,you must submit a Part-Time/Overload form for approval to the Office of Academic Services B-100.