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Office of Academic Services (OAS-B100)
Campus Address - Engineering Building, Room B100, Busch Campus 
Mailing Address - Office of Academic Services-B100, 98 Brett Rd, Piscataway, NJ 08854
Phone: 848-445-2212     Fax: 732-445-4092

Email an Advisor (General Questions, Standard Policies, Registration, 440 courses)
  • 1st Yr and Sophomore Students: firstyear @
  • Juniors and Seniors: advising @ 
  • Transfer Students: transfer @
  • See an Advisor in person.
Email a Dean (for more complex questions and concerns)
  • Transfer Students: Dean Ciervo - robert.ciervo @
  • First-Year Dean: Dean Vargas - cecilia.vargas @
  • Honors Academy Students: Dean Antoine - j.antoine @
  • Continuing Students: Dean Prendergast - lprend @ 
  • See a Dean in person.

Engineering Departments (special permission, pre-req overrides, major course advising)
Contact information for the Undergraduate Directors, Administrative Staff, and Office location: Engineering Department Directory