Academic Advising for Current Engineering Students

BEFORE SEEING AN ADVISOR or DEAN, please review... 

  1. Standard Policies and Procedures
  2. Pre-requisite issues
  3. Closed Courses and Special Permission Numbers
  4. Registration and Scheduling
  5. Graduation check/Senior Review
  6. Bringing parents or other parties: RU is bound by federal privacy laws (FERPA) to discuss students records with only the student, unless there is a completed and notarized Release form on file.
  7. See an ADVISOR or DEAN: 
Prospective Students SOE Contact Information
Prospective Transfer
Transfer Information
Walk In Advising (non-SOE students only) - 10am-11am and 3pm-4pm Mon-Fri
Incoming 1st yr
Email: OR
Post your questions in Sakai ( - SOE Class of 2022), Forums.
Scholarships University Scholarships for Incoming First-year or New Transfer Students
Current Students Advisor Appointments
Class of 2022
Ms. Corcoran

Summer:  6/4/18 - 8/17/18 (by appt): Tues1-4pm;  Wed 10am-12pm; Thurs 1-2pm 
Fall: TBD
Appointment Booking: https://corcoran.youcanbook.

Class 2021
Ms. Shah
Appointment Booking: Ms. Shah -
Class 2020+2019         
Dr. Long

Walk In Advising: 06/04/18 - 08/17/18: Tuesdays: 10am to 11am
​Summer: 06/04/18 - 08/17/18 (by appt) - Mon: 10am - 12pm, Wed: 12pm - 2pm
Appointment Booking:

Current Students Dean's Appointments
Class of 2022    
Dean Vargas

Summer:  6/4/18 - 8/17/18 (by appt): T/Th 10am-12pm, Wed 2-4pm
Appointment Booking:​

Class 2021 + Study Abroad    
Dean Ciervo
Appointment Booking:
Class of 2020 + 2019                
Dean Prendergast

Summer: 6/4/18 - 8/17/18 (by appointment): Mon through Fri, 9-10am
Fall:  9/4/18 - 9/7/18 (walk-in): 10am-12pm & 2pm-4pm 
        9/10/18- 12/21/18 (by appt): Mon through Fri, 9-10am             
Appointment Booking:

SOE Scholarships SoE Endowed Scholarships for Continuing Students

You can also ask your questions via email: Email an Advisor or Dean