Class of 2022 Fall 18 Registration Form

This form is for all incoming class of 2022 students (excluding transfer student), registering for the Fall 2018 semester.  We will create your Fall schedule based on your math and writing placement results, AP scores, and other credits (IB, A-level, Dual-enrollment).

AP, IB, A-level, other credits:

Humanities/Social Sciences Elective Choices:

Our policy for H/SS electives:

1. Students must complete a total of 12 credits (4 courses) of Humanities/Social Sciences electives before they graduate.

2. Out of the 4 courses, no more than 2 of them can be 100 level courses.

3. Out of the 4 courses, at least 2 of them must be in the same Subject area, and no more than one within the same subject area can be 100 level.

4. AP credits may be applied towards some electives.  For course equivalencies, please check HERE.

Every incoming first year student (excluding transfer students) should try to take one lower level humanities/social sciences elective during their first semester.  This is NOT mandatory.  If you do NOT wish to take an elective during the Fall, you can indicate this as a choice from the pull-down menu.  If you wish to use your AP credits towards lower level humanities, you may choose to look for some 200 or 300 level courses to take, and write them in instead.  You can look up course offerings for the fall using the online schedule of classes site:  ONLINE SCHEDULE OF CLASSES

If you would like to take a H/SS elective in the fall, please include your top 3 choices.  Descriptions to most of the courses can be found HERE.  

Byrne Seminars:

If you are interested in also taking a Byrne Seminar, descriptions can be found HERE. (Byrne Seminars are small, one-credit courses offered only to first-year students at Rutgers-New Brunswick. Offered through the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, these classes are taught by our world-renowned faculty, who come from departments and professional schools across the university. The Byrne Family First-Year Seminar Program offers students the chance to experience the excitement of original research as faculty members share their curiosity, their intellectual passion, and how they develop new ideas and fields of knowledge.)


This form MUST be completed by:  SUNDAY, 6/8/18, 6PM.


We recommend a laptop with 16G RAM and 256G storage, 64-bit operating system.
Scores of 5, 6, or 7 are needed in order to receive credit.
Credit for A-level exams not given for grades lower than D
Please only include COMPLETED AP exams, with scores of 4 or 5.
Please include all AP exams you are planning to take
If you have taken a programming class in High school, please answer the next question about taking an online programming class in the Fall.
Please choose one from the list for your 1st choice
Please choose one from the list for your 2nd choice
Please choose ONE from the list for your 3rd choice.
If you have any additional choices, you MUST make sure that you have the pre-requisites; that it is offered in the Fall, by checking the online schedule of classes. Please check: ENTIRE COURSE NUMBER must be provided. Invalid entries will not be considered. You may enter more than one, separated by commas, in order of preference. Example: 01:830:301, 01:510:207
Please include entire course number AND section number. For example, 01:090:101 section AB
We have a First Year Peer Mentor program where incoming freshmen can be paired with a sophomore engineering student. The program involves social activities as well as group activities.
By writing your full name in the text field above, you are certifying that this form was completed in its entirety and to the best of your knowledge. The information submitted here will be used to plan your course schedule. Schedules will be available in August. Students will have the opportunity to modify their schedules the first week of classes. When you are ready and have entered all the information, please hit the submit button below.
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