RU RET-E Post-Survey

You are invited to participate in the research component of RU RET-E that assesses the impact of the program. RU RET-E aims to (1) engage middle and high school math and science teachers in innovative “green” engineering research during the summer, and (2) support teachers as they leverage their research experience by integrating engineering innovation into their academic year, pre-college classrooms. Approximately 45 in-service teachers will participate in RU RET-E and invited to participate in the assessment component that includes surveys, one-on-one interviews, and focus groups. The post-survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Not ConfidentSlightly ConfidentConfidentVery Confident
Your knowledge of the subject matter you teach *
Your knowledge about the application of the subject you teach to everyday life *
Your knowledge about the various fields of engineering *
Your ability to advise students about job opportunities in the subject area you teach *
Your ability to use inquire-based curriculum *
Your ability to use Standards-based curriculum *
Your ability to assist students who are experiencing difficulty grasping subject matter content *
Your ability to generate challenging problems for advanced students *
Your ability to develop appropriate and authentic assessment tools *
Your ability to present at a department meeting and/or professional conference *
Your ability to supervise a student who is interested in conducting engineering research *
Your ability to integrate engineering into your curriculum *
Your ability to use Microsoft Excel *
Your ability to integrate Microsoft Excel into your curriculum *
Your ability to use MatLab *
Your ability to integrate MatLab into your curriculum *
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
I am motivated to expand on the instructional techniques that I use *
I am motivated to use more technology in my teaching *
I consider myself a “subject matter expert” in my main teaching field *
I can define “engineering” *
I can describe engineering work *
I can integrate engineering into my curriculum *
I believe I can make a difference in the lives of the students I teach *
I believe it is important for me to prepare students for the kinds of expectations they will encounter in a work setting *
Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
I think that engineering could be an enjoyable career. *
Engineers have little need to know about environmental issues. *
Engineers are creative. *
Engineers spend little time dealing with other people. *
A career in engineering leaves plenty of time for family. *
Engineers are highly respected by others. *
Engineering often requires flexibility in one’s thinking. *
I would not like any of my students to become engineers. *
Engineering requires good problem solving skills. *
Engineers spend most of their time working with computers. *
The rewards of becoming an engineer are not worth the effort. *
To be an engineer requires an IQ in the genius range. *
At least one of my students is considering studying engineering in college. *
Students will have no problem finding jobs with an engineering degree. *
Engineering plays an important role in solving society’s problems. *
A woman can succeed in engineering as easily as a man of similar ability. *
Engineers spend most of their time doing difficult mathematical calculations. *
Most of the skills learned in engineering are useful in everyday life. *
Engineers seldom get involved in business decisions. *
Engineers spend most of their time working in laboratories. *
The advantages of studying engineering in college outweigh the disadvantages. *
Engineers are usually those people who were called “nerds” in high school. *
From what I know engineering is boring. *
Engineering is a desirable profession for women, good in science and math. *
Engineers have a great deal of natural ability for science and math. *
Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
If my students do well in math and science I suggest to them that they study math or sciences in college. *
I suggest engineering as a possible career if students do well in math and science. *
I feel I have the information I need to help prepare my students who may want to become engineers. *
I know where to find the necessary information to help my students if they want to be engineers. *
I think I know what engineers do. *
I suggest medicine as a possible career if students do well in math and science. *
I know at least one engineer who can give a career talk on engineering to my students. *
I am aware of engineering competitions that my students can enter. *
I actively encourage my students to consider engineering as a career. *
I am aware of summer programs that would help my students prepare for an engineering career. *
I know of after-school programs that would help my students prepare for an engineering career. *
I have discussed engineering as a possible career option with my students. *
I am aware of grade appropriate information on engineering careers for my students. *
Lecture or talk the whole class *
Ask students to engage in small group discussion *
Ask students to engage in whole group discussion *
Give students problems to work on their own *
Give students problems to work on in groups *
Encourage students to explore alternative explanations or methods for solving problems *
Review material from previous class(es) *
Teach facts, rules, or vocabulary *
Show the importance of the subject to everyday life *
Prepare students to take standardized tests *
Give students hands-on activities *
Keep a teaching journal to reflect on course material *
Use technology (computer, internet, etc.) in your curriculum *
Write grants to secure funding *
Respond to email you receive from students *
Consult with expert professional scientists/mathematicians *
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
Students should have the opportunity to work on hands-on activities during class *
It is important to communicate with other teachers about what they are doing in their classrooms *
It is important to use interdisciplinary lessons in the classroom *
Engineering principles should be incorporated in middle school curriculum *
Engineering principles should be incorporated in high school curriculum *
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