Meet the Council

President: Vineet SHENOY

My name is Vineet Shenoy, and I am a proud Scarlet Knight senior studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Rutgers and the School of Engineering are doing great things, and I'm excited to spend my last year here as part of this great community. Over the past few years here, I have been involved with The Daily Targum, the FIGS program, and Tau Beta Pi in addition to REHC. In my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors and playing board games.


Internal VP: Keana MIRMAJLESI

Hello! My name is Keana Mirmajlesi and I am the Internal Vice President of REHC. I am a senior studying biomedical engineering with a minor in psychology. In addition to my work with REHC, am also a member of the Institute for Domestic and International Affairs, BMES, and Tau Beta Pi. I am actively involved in research on campus with the Shreiber Lab. In my free time I enjoy reading, watching TV, and going to art museums.  


External VP: Jonah WILLIAMS

My name is Jonah Williams and I am serving my second term as External Vice President for REHC. I am a senior majoring in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. I absolutely love cooking, exploring, and especially camping and hiking in the outdoors. This is me standing near Zapada Falls in Colorado (July 2016).

Treasurer: Allan WANG

Hey everyone! My name is Allan Wang and I am the Treasurer of REHC.  I am a junior studying Chemical and Biochemical engineering with a minor in biological sciences.  In addition to REHC, I am also a member of Engineers Without Borders and a Scarlet Ambassador. I enjoy watching and playing basketball, lifting, and reading.

Public Relations Chair: Tiffany YUEN

My name is Tiffany Yuen and I am the Public Relations Chair for REHC. I am a sophomore studying Industrial and Systems Engineering with a Minor in Business Administration. I love traveling and learning about different cultures (as well as eating their food!). This summer, I studied abroad at Pforzheim University in Germany as part of the Engineers Made in Germany program.

Outreach Chair: Jessica TUAZON

My name is Jessica Tuazon and I am the Outreach Chair for REHC. I am a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. I am also the Secretary for RUSA. Fun Fact: I'm a world champion in color guard. (The proof is in the picture.)

Industry Mentorship Program Chair: Aditya VERMA

My name is Aditya Verma and I am the Industry Mentorship Program Chair for REHC. I am a sophomore studying Computer Engineering. My favourite things in the world are Football ('soccer') and Physics. Fun Fact: I am the first ever International student in the Honors Academy. Here is a picture of me lifting 250 pounds.

Tutoring Program Chair: Melanie COTTON

My name is Melanie Cotton, and I am the REHC Tutoring Program Chair (as well as a Class of 2018 Representative).  I am a junior in Mechanical Engineering, with a double major in Spanish. Last spring, I studied abroad for six months at the University of Valencia in Spain. I love sailing, dancing, and reading a good book.


First Year Mentorship Program Co-Chair: Kaushal PARIKH

Brrrt skrt skrt skrt skrt burrr. Kaushal Parikh, checkin’ in. Class of 2020, ay. CE/CS, ay. FMP, ay. I dabble in rap, comedy, and three point shooting (career 60%), ay. Rep that scarlet and white, for the culture. The young savage below is trappin’ too hard.

Class of 2021 Representative: JP EDRALIN

Hey guys, my name is JP Edralin and I am a Class of 2021 Representative from the Honors College.  I plan majoring in both Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.  On campus, I am involved in Engineers Without Borders - Camden and RHA for the Honors College. When I'm out of the classroom, you can catch me doing all kinds of sports; I love to run, play soccer, and play basketball, and I even play on the intramural teams.

Class of 2021 Representative: Jasmine PHILIP

Hello! My name is Jasmine Philip and I’m a freshman class representative for REHC. I am studying Materials Science and Engineering and Computer Science. I love traveling (but get extremely motion sick), cheese (but I’m lactose intolerant), almost every type of music, and reading Harry Potter innumerable times. 

Class of 2021 Representative: Atmika PONNUSAMY

Hello! My name is Atmika Ponnusamy and I am an aspiring Electrical and Computer Engineer in the Honors Engineering Academy. During my free time you'll probably find me doing yoga or playing the ukulele. The best part of being a student here at Rutgers is the amazing community of students and faculty, and I am so excited to be given this opportunity to help make it an even better place!

Class of 2021 Representative: Aasvi SHAH

Hi everyone! I’m Aasvi Shah and I’m a Class 2021 Representative for REHC. I’m a freshman studying mechanical engineering with a minor in music and a possible minor in psychology. My favorite things are music and dance. Fun fact: I’m on a dance team at Rutgers!

Class of 2021 Representative: Siddhi SHAH

Hey! My name is Siddhi Shah and I am a freshman studying Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. On campus, I’m an active member of the Society of Women Engineers, Engineers Without Borders, and a competitive dance team called RU Raga. I love to travel to new places, take artsy photos of food, make new crafts, and spend time with my friends and family!

Class of 2021 Representative: Matthew SIGNORELLI

Hi, my name is Matt Signorelli and I am a Class of 2021 Representative for REHC. I am a freshman in the Honors College studying Materials Science and Engineering and I'm planning to double major in Computer Science here at Rutgers. Last fall I joined the Men's Crew team as a novice and have been with the team since. On my free time, I enjoy playing guitar, bike-riding, being outdoors, listening to music and anything else exciting/adventurous. Some other random interesting things about me: I'm an identical twin, I hold 7 hours of flight time towards obtaining a private pilot license, and puppies are my weak spot  (though this cat here was pretty awesome too).

Class of 2021 Representative: John YAGER

Hello friends! I'm John Yager, and I'm very excited to be a Class of 2021 Representative for REHC. I am a first-year student planning on majoring in Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Math, and am also involved on campus as an HC Ambassador and through A2E. I enjoy watching sports, playing basketball, and playing the saxophone, but most of the time you can just find me watching The Office.